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  TOSTEM THAI applies highly flexible development and design capabilities to manufacture and sell aluminum materials for industrial use. As a result of rigorous control
systems at its own plants, these products have a reputation for excellence.
Custom made profiles
 Heat Sinks
 Cases & Frames
One stop service
  TOSTEM THAI is an aluminium extruder which is completed fully service including cutting,drilling, punching,machining,bending,assembly and etc.Our products are being
entrusted by various kinds of customers such as leading of automotive brand and electronic high end companies.
  The products of TOSTEM THAI are various used in automotive parts combining with extrusion bars and extrusion with a fabrication to widely of customer with its peculiar
skill and technology such as side steps, roof racks, roof rails,granges, tonneau covers and so on.
  Our aluminum extrusion profiles are also seen in electronic products. The difficulty of these electronic parts are not only shape and dimension, but it is
also guarantee the material and component standard that clients requested. We offer various and high quality products in order to meet every client satisfactions.
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